“With Banyan Security’s device-centric SSE, we confidently replaced our legacy VPN and accelerated our zero trust architecture initiatives. Investing in Banyan Security has transformed our approach to cybersecurity and unlocked new potential for serving our users better.”

Cesar Esteban

Staff Security Engineer, Snapdocs

“We threw a lot of challenges and requests at Banyan in a very short period of time, but they stepped right up and took the solution to the next level. That’s exactly how a great partnership should work.”

Vincent Parras

Manager of Trust Security Governance and Risk Management Compliance, Carta

“Providing developers with the Service Tunnel was a big win. Developers were in disbelief by how easy it was to connect. Before Banyan, they would hit ‘connect’ in their VPN client, deal with a push notification, and then stare at a spinning circle, tapping their fingers… waiting. Now, they click one button and they are connected instantly. They still can’t believe it’s so simple, and yet more secure.”

Eyal Gershon

Sr. Cloud Security Engineer, Lemonade, Inc.

“The SaaS-based solution was quick to deploy and our security and IT teams are now experiencing time savings and a better user experience. We’re extremely happy with our decision to move to Banyan for our Zero Trust network access needs.”

Upendra Mardikar

Chief Security Officer, Snap Finance

“The increased security we get with Banyan is tremendous. Compared to our VPN, it’s night and day.”

Jonathan Jaffe

CISO, Lemonade, Inc.