Banyan CEO Profile: Interview with Building the Future

Banyan’s secure remote access platform provides dynamic, real-time protection for all
 corporate resources so users have seamless access and can be productive everywhere.

“The world needs to think about how things can be consumed more than anything else… and that is what drives a company to become more successful.”

Jayanth Gummaraju, Co-Founder & CEO of Banyan Security, joins the Building the Future podcast to discuss how Banyan’s Continuous Zero Trust Platform can replace your legacy VPN and ensure users and devices are trusted before providing access to sensitive corporate resources.

Listen to host Kevin Horek & guest Jayanth Gummaraju discuss the following:

  1. Jayanth’s journey from a tech hub in India to Stanford PhD
  2. How working at VMware set the stage for founding Banyan Security
  3. How Trust Scoring provides access to sensitive corporate resources
  4. How Banyan puts the user as part of the security solution
  5. How Banyan simplifies the complex issue of security

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