Zero Trust Network Access

Replace your legacy VPN with user friendly least privileged contextual access for employees, contractors, and developers.

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How to Deploy a Zero Trust Framework
Leveraging Your Existing Security Investments

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Trust Scoring Engine

Trust Scoring Engine

Provide least privileged continuous access control based on real-time user, device, application, location context and more.


Cloud Command Center

Cloud Command Center

Centralized policy engine, short-lived token generation, machine learning based least privileged continuous access control.

Intelligent Access Mesh

Intelligent Access Mesh

Scalable, distributed identity- aware access proxies that cloak and protect corporate applications and servers, while integrating with existing SSO, MDM, and EDR tools.


  • Secure Zero Trust Access for any user, any device to any application or service
  • Scalable BeyondCorp-like security architecture
  • Simple Deployment and Integration into existing ecosystem

Banyan's Continuous Zero Trust Platform delivers secure access for users and applications through a singular platform. Designed with BeyondCorp architectural principles in a Zero Trust ecosystem, Banyan delivers a secure, simple and scalable access solution. With dynamic trust scoring, continuous authorization and granular enforcement, Banyan Zero Trust access platform addresses on-premise, hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud deployments.


Use Cases

Zero Trust VPN Alternative

Grant employees and 3rd parties seamless, direct, Zero Trust access to corporate applications. Eliminate broad network access security liabilities.

Zero Trust DevOps Access

Provide your DevOps Team with user friendly least privileged remote access to popular applications such as  Jira, GitLab and Jenkins hosted on premises or in the cloud.


Zero Trust Server Access

Securely connect to Linux and Windows servers over SSH and RDP through a short-lived client certificate architecture that eliminates the use of static credentials.