Zero Trust Remote Access

For a Perimeter-Free Enterprise

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By Neil MacDonald, Lawrence Orans and Steve Riley


The World is dynamic and remote access has changed


Workforce Evolution

Today mobile employees make up 40% of global workforce


Changes in Remote Access

Gartner predicts that by 2023 over 60% of enterprises will drop VPNs in favor of Zero Trust remote access


Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

Nearly 75% of corporate IT ecosystems are hybrid-cloud or multi-cloud

Banyan Security in Action

BANYAN Zero Trust Remote Access Platform

Banyan delivers secure remote access for users and applications through a singular platform. Designed with BeyondCorp architectural principles in mind, Banyan delivers a secure, simple, and scalable access solution. With dynamic trust scoring, continuous authorization and granular access enforcement, the Banyan Zero Trust Remote Access Platform addresses on-premise, hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud deployments.


Trust Scoring Engine

Quantification of user, device, and applications based on integrations with existing SSO, MDM, and EDR tools.


Cloud Command Center

Centralized policy engine, short-lived token generation, machine learning based least privileged continuous access control.

Intelligent Access Mesh

Intelligent Access Mesh

Least privileged access enforcement through scalable, distributed identity-aware proxies that cloak apps and servers.

Benefits of the Banyan Platform

Improved Security

TrustScore differentiated access


Customer-owned data plane


Continuous, real-time enforcement


No lateral movement


Cloaked applications


User Experience and Manageability

Empowered end-users


Passwordless authentication


Integration with security/identity tools


Simple policies, independent of network


Fast, incremental deployment in minutes


Performance and Cost

Leverages existing security investments


No intermediate cloud hops


Distributed architecture, without choke points


Software-only solution with low TCO


Future-proofed microservices-ready platform



Use Cases

VPN Replacement

No lateral movement


Continuous, real-time enforcement


TrustScore-based differentiated access


Distributed architecture, without choke points



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Third-party Access

Restricted, fined-grained access


BYOD support


Cloaked applications


Auto-managed and self remediation


Fast, incremental deployment in minutes


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DevOps Access

VPN-free access to developer applications


SSH/RDP and generic TCP protocols support


Kubernetes and managed services support


Future-proofed microservices-ready platform


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