Banyan Security
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Network Access

Modern remote access for a hybrid world

Banyan Security Zero Trust Access

Secure app & infrastructure access,
purpose-built for enterprises

Banyan replaces your traditional network access boxes – VPNs, bastion hosts,
and gateways – with a cloud-based zero trust access solution.
Easy. Fast. Secure.

DevOps Down Arrow

One-click infra access. Never expose private networks.

IT & Operations Down Arrow

Dead simple setup. High-performance connectivity.

Security Down Arrow

Transform enterprise security. Granular policy controls.

Banyan Infrastructure

DevOps Teams

Automate access to critical services, without exposing private networks.

Blue Arrow IconOne-click access to SSH/RDP, Kubernetes, and database environments, including hosted applications like GitLab, Jenkins, and Jira. CLI, too!

Building IconCollaborate across on-premises and cloud environments, without complex IP whitelisting.

Automate IconAutomate deployment, onboarding, and management with tag-based resource discovery & publishing.

DevOps Panel
IT Operations

IT & Operations

Dead-simple setup. High-performance connectivity.

Cloud IconSimple cloud-delivered user-to-application (not network) segmentation, optimized for availability, scale, and ease of management.

Policy SilosRemove policy silos. Straightforward controls use IDP groups to inform resource access, and integrate with existing MDM/UEM/EDR tooling.

User ExperienceSuperior user experience supports agentless, BYOD, and passwordless scenarios with one-click access via service catalog.


Transform your enterprise security model with granular zero trust policy controls.

Authorization Icon

Continuous authorization based on user and device trust, device security posture, and resource sensitivity.

Access Controls Icon

Consistent least privilege access controls for IaaS, on-premises, and SaaS environments eliminates fragile credential silos.

Authorization Icon

Real-time visibility into user activity; comprehensive audit trail and session details inform audit and compliance actions.

Why Customers Choose Banyan

Trust Based Access

Access Control

Trust scoring engine
Device Trust
Continuous authorization

One-Click Access

Infrastructure Access

Integrates with IaaS/PaaS
Snap to deploy

Enterprise Edge

Enterprise Edge

Cloud-native approach
Global Edge
Self-hosted option

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Solution Info

Banyan Zero Trust Remote Access

DS - Zero Trust Remote Access authorization and enforcement for today’s distributed workforce accessing dynamic applications in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.
Zero Trust Remote Access
Solution Info

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SB - Learn how to easily accelerate your Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) journey and improve your security posture using device trust for managed, unmanaged, and BYOD devices.
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