The Future of Secure Remote Access

Fast, simple, and highly scalable – perfect for remote workers, engineers, and third parties

Work From Anywhere – the New Normal

Long before COVID, the trend toward flexible workstyles was already stressing most organization’s ability to provide dependable, secure, and productive remote access. With renewed calls for robust security, rich visibility, and a consistent user experience, a new approach is needed – Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA).

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Zero Trust Is Not All The Same – Your Business Deserves…

Administrators need easy onboarding and offboarding capabilities with rich visibility and robust security, while users demand consistency and performance. Banyan Zero Trust Remote Access delivers it all.

Trust-Based Access Control

Trust-Based Access Control

Fine-grained controls use Banyan’s TrustScore-powered policy engine to enable continuous authorization based on user and device trust, device security posture, and resource sensitivity. Banyan aligns the risk of the request with the sensitivity of the resource, revoking access mid-session if warranted.

One-Click Access

One-Click Infrastructure Access

Banyan integrates with the customers’ IaaS and PaaS environments providing one-click access to developer resources such as SSH/RDP servers, Kubernetes, databases, and more. Least privilege access allows differentiated access for FTEs and third parties alike that is a snap to deploy, administer, and audit.

Enterprise Edge

The Enterprise Edge

Banyan’s mesh architecture extends security controls to distributed assets, spanning all environments and protocols. The cloud-native approach leverages the public internet without network tunnels or MitM clouds resulting in a highly performant, yet scalable solution that doesn’t risk data privacy.

Banyan Delivers For All Use Cases

Remote workers need simple, fast access to all of their on-premise, cloud, and SaaS applications so they can get their work done from anywhere on any device without additional training or jumping through extra hoops.

Engineers demand efficient and automation-capable SSH/RDP and API access to be productive. Banyan provides one-click access to diverse developer environments including Kubernetes, staging/prod servers, and web applications.

Secure third-party access is essential to today’s business, but their devices are typically unmanaged and most solutions over-privilege. Use Banyan to enforce least-privilege access while granting seamless and secure access, reducing your risk of a breach.

Our Customers Love What We Do For Them

David Tsao, CISO, Byton

“Banyan helped us deliver a complete Zero Trust Network Access solution to enhance our security posture for employees and third parties accessing sensitive corporate resources.”

Sadiq Khan, CISO, BlueVoyant

“Banyan was the only vendor with the sophisticated TrustScoring capabilities that allowed us to implement Zero Trust Network Access across our environments.”


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