Zero Trust Remote Access

For a Perimeter-Free Enterprise

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How to Make Cloud More Secure Than Your Own Data Center.

By Neil MacDonald and Tom Croll


The World is dynamic and remote access has changed


Workforce Evolution

Today mobile employees make up 40% of global workforce


Changes in Remote Access

Gartner predicts that by 2023 over 60% of enterprises will drop VPNs in favor of Zero Trust remote access


Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

Nearly 75% of corporate IT ecosystems are hybrid-cloud or multi-cloud

Banyan Security in Action

BANYAN Zero Trust Remote Access Platform

Banyan delivers secure remote access for users and applications through a singular platform. Designed with BeyondCorp architectural principles in mind, Banyan delivers a secure, simple, and scalable access solution. With dynamic trust scoring, continuous authorization and granular access enforcement, the Banyan Zero Trust Remote Access Platform addresses on-premise, hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud deployments.


Trust Scoring Engine

Quantification of user, device, and applications based on integrations with existing SSO, MDM, and EDR tools.


Cloud Command Center

Centralized policy engine, short-lived token generation, machine learning based least privileged continuous access control.

Intelligent Access Mesh

Intelligent Access Mesh

Least privileged access enforcement through scalable, distributed identity-aware proxies that cloak apps and servers.

Benefits of the Banyan Platform

Improved Security

  • Massively reduced attack surface
  • Continuous Authorization for real-time response
  • Own your data plane for complete security compliance


Simplified Operations

  • Human readable access policies
  • Machine Learning-based signaling for autonomous response
  • Leverage standard communication protocols for broad application support


Scalable Infrastructure

  • Fully integrated with multiple security tools
  • Operate in hybrid or multi-cloud ecosystems leveraging built-in cloud capabilities
  • Operate near the application instance for highest flexibility



Use Cases

Secure Web Application Access

Grant employees and 3rd parties seamless, direct, Zero Trust access to corporate applications. Eliminate broad network access security liabilities.


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Secure DevOps Access

Securely connect to Linux and Windows servers over SSH and RDP through a short-lived client certificate architecture that eliminates the use of static credentials.


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Secure Hybrid Cloud Access

Provide your DevOps Team with user-friendly least privileged remote access to popular applications such as Jira, GitLab and Jenkins hosted on-premises or in the cloud.


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