Modernize Enterprise Networking

Simplify your network while providing secure, high-performance access to applications, resources, and infrastructure.

Zero Trust Remote Access

High-Performance Connectivity, Reduced Network Complexity

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Simplify your networks – less reliance on network segmentation, IP whitelisting, perimeter firewalls, DNS changes, client-based legacy VPNs, etc.
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Flexible Edge architecture enables organizations to easily deploy on-premises and/or in the cloud in minutes, even in complex regulatory environments
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Service tunnels use modern, performant WireGuard foundation with zero trust enhancements
Dead Simple Setup

Dead-Simple Deployment, Setup, and Management

Deploy incrementally, in minutes, alongside your existing infrastructure
Simple user/device/resource-based policies instead of complex and fragile IP addresses, segments, etc. enable easy user-to-application segmentation
Securely and easily extend access to third parties/BYOD with granular trust-based access control policies
Single policy set whether on-premises or remote, private network or cloud

Great Admin and End User Experiences


Real-time visibility for every access from user/device to applications
Passwordless, one-click access to applications and infrastructure
Simple, human-readable policies provide differentiated zero-trust access for employees and third parties (contractors, vendors, partners, etc.)
Great Admin and End User Experiences

Security Service Edge (SSE) Done Right

Apply zero trust principles to
internet access

Block malicious web sites
& phishing attacks


High-performance – no impact
to end-user experience

Lift and Shift SSE

Full tunnel | Always-on packet inspection |
Poor performance & UX

Legacy SSE

Banyan SSE

Intelligent routing | Always on, not always inline |
Great performance & UX



Security No One Will Question

Security may be someone else’s job, but life’s a lot easier when you’re deploying rock-solid security. Least privilege access restricts lateral movement on your network. An always up-to-date cloud-based solution means no patching. Moving from legacy web proxies to modern SSE extends your zero trust policies to internet access. And integrating with your existing endpoint tools makes these investments shine even more.

The Banyan Security Platform Delivers


Easy to Deploy & Use

Easily extend access to third parties with granular trust-based access policies

Flexible Edge eases deployment

Awesome admin and end-user experiences


Actionable Insight

Deep visibility of users, permissions, and devices drives granular policy creation

Automated discovery of network applications and resources


Robust Security

Reduce/eliminate lateral movement

Cloud-based VPN (VPNaaS) with zero trust refinement and reverse proxy

Block malicious web sites & phishing attacks