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Banyan believes that great partnerships are the key to accelerating growth and providing value for our mutual customers.

Partners play a key role in Banyan Security’s mission to help organizations realize secure “work from anywhere” capabilities. We’re interested in partnering with you to increase your revenue, expand your breadth of offerings, and reinforce your trusted advisor status by working with the industry’s leading zero trust access vendor.

Let’s Work Together

Innovative Solutions

  • Fast, easy deployments that both you and your customers will love

Partner benefits that make sense

  • Attractive margins
  • No cumbersome program requirements
  • Tailored solutions for MSPs/MSSPs, integrators, and VARs

Integration support

  • Attractive licensing accommodates customers of all sizes
  • Flexible customer support and services models
  • Technology integration with existing security tools and cloud environments

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Banyan’s Universal Zero Trust Network Access


Easy to Deploy & Use

Easily extend access to third parties with granular trust-based access policies

Flexible Edge eases deployment

Awesome admin and end-user experiences


Actionable Insight

Deep visibility of users, permissions, and devices drives granular policy creation

Automated discovery of applications and resources


Robust Security

Reduce/eliminate lateral movement

Cloud-based VPN with zero trust refinement and reverse proxy

Block malicious web sites & phishing attacks