These are exciting times for Banyan. I’m pleased to announce that after eight amazing years as a standalone company, we have decided to join forces with SonicWall to write the next chapter of Banyan’s growth and scale as part of the SonicWall family.

SonicWall and Banyan Security

Vision and Execution

When I started Banyan along with my amazing co-founders Yoshio and Tarun in 2015, we saw a huge opportunity to completely overhaul the network security market. With the big migration to cloud and the increase in remote employees and devices, the traditional network security tools used for remote work such as VPNs and firewalls, that were prevalent for the last 30 years, were slowly but surely falling apart. Our big vision was to connect the distributed workforce with dynamic cloud applications using a single platform that is easy to use, simple to manage, and highly secure. Over the years, this market took on many names and has currently settled on Security Service Edge (SSE), with Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) to replace VPNs as the common beachhead.

In this time period, we brought together an amazing group of individuals to build a first-of-its-kind product for enabling easy and secure remote access based on Zero Trust principles. This pioneering product was conceived and built for a work-from-anywhere world, well before Covid made this an immediate necessity, and has been proven to work seamlessly in several small SMBs to Fortune 500 companies with tens of thousands of employees. We were also recognized for being a ZTNA leader by several analyst firms.

For this next chapter, we are very excited to combine our flexible product with SonicWall’s stellar GTM engine and partner ecosystem to democratize easy and fast remote access. SonicWall has tens of thousands of loyal partners and hundreds of thousands of customers around the world. Getting the Banyan SSE platform into their hands is very exciting from GTM growth and technical scale perspectives. In addition, combining SonicWall’s security portfolio with that of Banyan’s enables us to provide a single, comprehensive platform from a single vendor. Both of us see a huge market opportunity ahead of us and are committed to bringing the best-in-class security solutions for the masses.

Many Thanks…

We’d like to thank all Banyan employees, both past and present, for their dedication and effort in building Banyan. The culture we created around urgency with excellence, love of solving hard technical problems, and humility and openness has held us together and enabled us to create something special. SonicWall has a similar culture built around integrity and collaboration making the union of the two companies a natural fit.

Banyan Security Founders

We’d like to thank our amazing customers and partners that have helped us shape this product every step of the way. Your feedback and constant demand for excellence has allowed us to battle-test our product in various environments and enabled us to start small and grow throughout your employee base. Your referrals and word-of-mouth have been a huge reason for our success.

Special thanks to our Board members and investors — right from pre-seed to Series B — who believed in us and helped us not just with capital but also sound advice to focus on things that matter at every stage in building a successful company. 

Thanks also go to our awesome advisors, especially Mendel Rosenblum and John Jack, who have helped with timely advice and support at various phases in our journey.

In a nutshell, I am super excited we’re joining forces with SonicWall, and looking forward to all the growth and scale the future has to offer. Onwards and Upwards!


Banyan Customers Speak

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Jayanth Gummaraju