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Quickly provide secure VPNaaS access to corporate applications, resources, and infrastructure.

No credit card needed.

Banyan Security Team Edition

Quickly Deploy and Use

Tired of constantly onboarding and offboarding people and replacing lost credentials? Let’s put an end to it now. Quickly deploy a modern, cloud-based VPN (VPNaaS) with zero trust benefits using the Banyan Security Platform. Easily deployed without complex integrations, this secure, easy to manage and use solution will have ‘em singing your praises. Oh yeah, and you can try it for free. Like $0. Get Banyan now.

  • Deploy in 15 minutes or less!
  • No credit card required
  • Easily create bundles of related services making for easy, one-click access
  • Least privilege access allows differentiated access for FTEs and third parties alike that is a snap to deploy, administer, and audit
  • Sleep easy with zero trust continuous authorization based on real-time user, device, and application context


Device Trust Score
Zero Trust Remote Access

Why Suffer?

Networking, Security, and DevOps folks have been putting up with poor application and infrastructure access solutions for years. Banyan puts an end to this nonsense.

  • Save time by eliminating legacy VPNs, bastion hosts, inbound firewall ports, or PKI/cert management
  • No more inconsistent, unpredictable performance
  • No juggling easily lost/compromised credentials for each chunk of infrastructure
  • No more insecure, inconsistent user experiences
Easy Installation

Easy Installation

Once signed up, installing Banyan in your own environment couldn’t be easier – it’s just a few simple steps:

1. Install Connector

The Banyan Security Connector installs next to the service or app you wish to access.

2. Download Banyan App

Download the lightweight Banyan app and complete registration.

3. Define Access Trust

Create a new service and define the access trust level requirements.

4. Invite Users

Invite users to download the Banyan app and register their devices.

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Be a Zero Trust Hero!

Why make users juggle separate access credentials for every chunk of infrastructure they need to do their job? Banyan Security makes easy, one-click access a reality that users will thank you for.

Blue Arrow IconEnjoy one-click access to SSH/RDP servers, Kubernetes, databases, and hosted applications like GitLab, Jenkins, and Jira

Automate IconService Catalog features Service Bundles, Favorites, and Autorun capabilities for seamless access

Access ControlsUsers see their device’s security posture and are able to remediate without IT or Security assistance

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