Secure Web Gateway

Protect your networks, users, and sensitive data from web-based threats.

A Brief History of SWG

  • Once upon a time, the web gateway was built for on-premise use. Machines that were on-prem demanded rigorous control, especially in the era when companies first began connecting computers to the internet. The old way had a system sitting at the edge of the organization, looking at all egress traffic.

  • Once users started connecting from outside of work, the VPN was born. User traffic would be routed back to the organization, then back out of the security stack located at the edge of the network. However: the remote worker migration increased the volume of people working from home enough that bandwidth limitations meant VPN solutions just couldn’t scale en masse.

  • Then came the first web gateways, where internet traffic would be directed when users were off-premises. But this, too, had built-in limitations, especially when the first web gateways would tunnel or redirect traffic to cloud web gateways. The modern SWG from Banyan acts as an efficient proxy, or intermediate server, between users and the internet, inspecting all outgoing web traffic for security threats such as malware, phishing, and malicious websites.

  • Easy to implement into your organization and integrate with your existing security solutions, the Banyan SWG uses various technologies such as DNS and URL filtering and content and threat categorization to block threats and protect networks and devices from attacks.

Benefits of a Banyan Secure Web Gateway (SWG)

The Banyan SWG acts like an internet filter, sifting dangerous content from web traffic to stop threats and data breaches. Our SWG also blocks risky or unauthorized user behavior while enabling acceptable use policies (AUPs) for compliance.

Always-on Protection
Our Banyan app is able to provide protection even when not running due to how it is integrated into the operating system. Your users do not need to login or start the app to be protected.

URL Filtering
Our SWG employs URL filtering techniques to block access to malicious or inappropriate websites, ensuring that users only visit trusted and safe web resources..

Malware Detection and Prevention
We use advanced scanning mechanisms to identify and block malicious files, preventing malware infections and reducing the risk of data breaches.

Phishing Prevention
Even when users click on bad links, access is immediately blocked to make sure that users aren’t handing over personal or financial information.

Application Control
The Banyan SWG allows organizations to control and manage access to various web applications, ensuring compliance with security policies and reducing the risk of unauthorized software usage.

Real-time Categorization
Newly seen or created domains, as well as newly flagged threat domains, are categorized by our Artificial Intelligence (AI) scanning engine within seconds.

Unlimited Block/Allow Lists
Use broad categories to quickly enhance security, and create block and allow lists to enable your employees while being as granular with your policies as possible.

Why You Need A SWG

Secure Web Gateways (SWGs) play a crucial role in safeguarding organizations against web-based threats.

Enhanced Security
SWGs provide proactive protection against web-based threats, reducing the risk of malware infections, data breaches, and other cyber-attacks originating from malicious websites or downloads.

Regulatory Compliance
By enforcing web usage policies and data protection measures, SWGs assist organizations in meeting regulatory requirements, such as those outlined by data protection laws or industry-specific regulations.

Productivity Improvement
SWGs offer control and visibility into web activity, enabling organizations to manage non-work-related web usage, increase productivity, and reduce bandwidth consumption..

Cost Savings
The prevention of security incidents and data breaches through SWGs can save organizations substantial costs associated with remediation, recovery, and potential legal ramifications.

Centralized Management
SWGs provide a centralized management interface for configuring and monitoring security policies, allowing administrators to efficiently manage web traffic across the entire network.

About the Banyan Secure Web Gateway

Learn how our SWG solution is used by enterprises and other organizations to provide secure internet access to their employees, partners, and customers.

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