Zero Trust Remote Access Platform

A security platform that enables employees and third parties to remotely access on-premise, hybrid, and multi-cloud applications and servers without the need to use VPNs.

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Simple, least-privilege, multi-cloud remote application access

Inspired in part by Google's BeyondCorp, Banyan provides least privileged access to corporate services and resources in real-time, leveraging your existing enterprise investments in identity and security tools. The Banyan Platform is built on a patented Zero Trust architecture that transparently deploys in hybrid and multi-cloud environments, and continuously enforces access policies based on any combination of user, device, and application context.


Secure Remote Access Re-IMAGINED



Traditional secure remote access solutions like VPNs don’t work anymore for today’s world where users, devices, and applications are highly distributed and dynamic. Three foundational building blocks are needed to provide a complete solution:

1.  Quantified Trust: User and device trust are no longer black or white, but rather like shades of grey where depending on the security posture the same user and device may be allowed different levels of access.

2.  Continuous Authorization: The channel needs to be continuously authorized based on zero day attacks and unauthorized user activity, rather than validated with just one-time authorization.

3.  Decentralized Enforcement: Rather than centralized remote access enforcement to handle the large scale and security concerns of modern enterprises, we instead need a highly distributed architecture that scales with applications and clouds.


1.  TrustScore-powered Endpoint Application – An optional app deployed on the endpoint device (e.g., Windows, macOS, iOS, Android) provides a user-visible score based on the security posture of both user and device.

2.  Cloud Command Center – A SaaS platform that lets you write simple but granular policies and generates trust tokens and short-lived certificates for continuous authorization.

3.  Intelligent Access Mesh – Simply deployed, cloud-integrated, smart reverse proxies running alongside applications that enable end-to-end security and direct access without going through 3rd party clouds.



Machine-learning based TrustScores for differentiated access

Similar to the way that credit scores provide a measure of creditworthiness, the Banyan Security TrustScore enables secure, selective access to applications.


• Compute trustworthiness of users and devices based on 100s of factors

• Bring together your identity provider, device management, and security tools to control access

• Empower employees by enabling them to see and affect their TrustScores in real-time


Continuous Authorization using the Cloud Command Center

Shift access controls away from the network to perform continuous authorization based on user, device, and application context.


• Distribute trust down to each individual user, device, and application

• Define policies in terms of users and applications, with no need for deep networking knowledge

• Provide users least-privilege access rather than broad access to the network


Always-On, Multi-Cloud Enforcement

Leverage a distributed mesh of identity-aware secure access proxies for scalable access controls across clouds.


• Gain complete and homogeneous coverage across your hybrid and multi-cloud environments

• Resilient, high-performance architecture with no single points of failure or data risk

• No extra hops. No choke points

• Simple deployment and incremental roll-out


On Demand, End-to-End Encryption

Automatically upgrade application connections to mutually authenticated TLS encryption, without making any changes to code or network.

  • Go beyond the network perimeter; encrypt traffic end-to-end - all the way from the user’s device to the requested application’s server
  • Traffic is encrypted on-demand, at the connection level, using short-lived cryptographic credentials

Access Surface Concealment

Don’t expose your sensitive corporate applications to the internet.

  • Hide internal application access points from crawlers and malicious probes
  • Applications can only be reached by authenticated users on approved devices
  • Protects against bot and DDOS attacks

Enterprise-grade Tooling and Workflows

Leverage your existing IT management systems as well as new DevOps processes.

  • Integrate with your Cloud Platforms, Identity Providers and Enterprise Device Managers
  • Easily incorporate into agile DevOps practices
  • Utilize flexible APIs for ChatOps workflows

VPN ALTERNATIVE: What Banyan Zero Trust Continuous Platform provides (that VPNs don't)

Fine-grained access controls

Delivers application-layer protocol and geo-location based access controls for both users and applications

Simple management and user experience

Eliminates management complexity of VPN appliances, and removes choke-points providing great user experience

Network-independent architecture

Enable homogenous policies across clouds, independent of network-layer technologies like VPCs and subnets

Incremental rollout for each application

Rollout to one application at a time, rather than an all-or-nothing VPN approach

Least-privileged, secure access

Unlike VPNs, no broad access grants at network-level that allow lateral movement to unauthorized applications

Reduced total-cost-of-ownership

No complex appliances to buy and manage policies for each cloud and region

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Your Technology Investments Can Do More

With 100s of secure access integrations, there is a good chance we can connect with any of your existing cloud, IAM, MDM, EDR, and UEBA tools. Explore how Banyan Security can help you leverage your existing investments to gain a Zero Trust security posture today.