VPN as-a-Service (VPNaaS)

Easily connect users to applications and resources without sacrificing security or usability.

VPN as-a-Service Advantages

Traditional VPN solutions present serious limitations and challenges for enterprise customers, including high costs, complex management, scalability issues, and security risks. That’s why organizations are increasingly turning to cloud-based VPN services, which offer several benefits over legacy VPNs.

Also known as Cloud VPN, VPNaaS creates a safe connection between the user and a requested resource over the internet. The tunnel is a simple and secure solution that is easy manage; providing a great experience for admins and users.

How Banyan’s VPN Works

Banyan Security VPNaaS protects cloud access by applying rules based on identity and device status. This makes it easy for employees and companies to work from anywhere while keeping company resources safe and secure.

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User initiates a VPN connection

The user accesses their organization through the Banyan app, which offers cloud VPN capabilities for secure login and SSO for users.


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Banyan encrypts, then opens tunnel

Our app negotiates an encryption protocol with the Cloud Command Center to secure the connection. At this point, a secure “tunnel” encapsulates all network traffic.


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Server grants access to resources

The VPN server receives encrypted traffic. It then sends this traffic to the destination on the remote network. This allows the user to access the resource they have requested.

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Banyan Security VPNaaS

Built on the Banyan Security Platform, our VPNaaS implementation offers numerous advantages over legacy and even first-generation cloud VPNs.

We offer a consistent user experience for remote workers and teams from all over the world. They can securely access your organization’s resources without needing to know which appliance or gateway to use. There’s even cloud security support for mobile devices.

We built our solution on a high-performance WireGuard foundation with zero trust enhancements. Banyan’s VPNaaS provides ongoing authorization and device trust security, using the latest encryption methods to keep your VPN data and users safe.

Banyan makes enabling remote access easy and cost-effective. Organizations no longer need to purchase, install, configure, and manage VPN software and hardware on each device or location. Instead, organizations simply connect to Banyan’s VPNaaS via the internet and enjoy a cost-effective, fast, secure, and reliable VPN connection.

VPN capacity can be quickly and easily scaled up or down according to need, without having to purchase or deploy additional hardware or software.

In short, Banyan VPNaaS provides a more flexible, cost-effective, and scalable solution for organizations looking to securely connect remote workers or branch offices to their network resources.

Try the Team Edition

Banyan’s Secure SSE solution – Team Edition is the easiest and most secure VPNaaS you’ll ever use. Get the free trial today, deploy in your own environment, and experience its speed, reliability, and simplicity for yourself.

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Take a Closer Look at Banyan’s VPN as-a-Service

Banyan VPNaaS provides a flexible, affordable, and scalable option for securely connecting remote workers or branch offices to network resources.

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Banyan VPN as-a-Service Datasheet
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What is VPNaaS?
Discover the fundamental aspects of VPN as-a-service and learn why it’s the most secure choice for the current remote workforce.

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