Cloud Access Security
Broker (CASB)

Get control and visibility over who is accessing your SaaS applications and on which devices.

Banyan CASB Features and Benefits

CASB is the way to go for securing SaaS applications, offering granular control over access and visibility into usage data and trends. Managing users, roles, and privileges is streamlined, with a comprehensive risk assessment for all cloud activities.

Enhanced Authentication
Layer any authentication method and add your existing multi-factor authentication (MFA) to SaaS applications that may not natively support it. Use proven methods such as SAML and OIDC.

Granular Authorization
Make SaaS application access decisions based on much more than just authentication. Add granular authorization to SaaS application modules.

Device-Aware SaaS Apps
Enable device identity and device compliance checks to any SaaS application. Add EDR and MDM intelligence to your SaaS access.

Precise Access Control
Ensure that only known users from known locations are trying to access your SaaS application or tenant by enforcing Source IP validation.

Continuous Authorization
Instantly enable/disable, step-up/step-down access to SaaS applications. Control based on many parameters including device identity, device posture, and user information.

Shadow IT Visibility
Discover where your end users are going both internally and SaaS. Then enable policies to allow or block access to the discovered applications or resources.

Easy to Deploy
No inline, forward, or reverse proxies to deploy. No custom APIs to write and expose.

How Banyan CASB Works

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Safeguard your data with the advanced capabilities of the Banyan CASB solution, and become empowered to monitor, manage, and secure your cloud environment like never before.

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Banyan CASB Solution Brief
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What is CASB?
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