Banyan Security
SSE Solution

Providing secure access to websites, SaaS applications, private applications, and infrastructure while protecting organizations from internet threats.

Device-Centric Security Service Edge


Banyan Security’s SSE solution was created for modern workforce access and security. The solution provides four core capabilities: VPNaaS, ZTNA, SWG, and CASB.

Device-Centric SSE Components

Device-Centric SSE Features

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Cloud Command Center

  • Interacts with the Command Center via the web portal or the RESTful API to develop and enforce policies, configure alerts for security events, and see real-time connectivity.
  • SOC-2 Type 2 certified

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Flexible Edge

  • An identity-aware proxy and gateway that mediates access between entities on the internet and your internal services. Each Banyan Access Tier has a public IP address that is reachable from the internet and accepts inbound connections

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  • The optional lightweight connector that establishes a secure tunnel with the Banyan Global Edge Network. The Connector can be deployed in any location that has connectivity to your internal services. 

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Banyan App

  • A cross-platform, multi-service endpoint client, installed on end user desktop and mobile devices. The app is used to register and authenticate end user devices with the Banyan Cloud Command Center.

Why Banyan SSE is Different


Banyan has built a new class of Security Service Edge solutions centered around the idea that the device is the new edge. We call this Device Centricity in which our core SSE offerings (SWG, CASB, VPNaaS, and ZTNA) are the critical components building your security strategy around devices. We then use these tools to addresses and respond to threats at the network, application, and cloud levels.

Banyan Architecture


Built as a cloud-based solution from the ground up, the Banyan Security Platform delivers ground-breaking device-centric Security Service Edge (SSE) capabilities for today’s modern workforce. Applications and resources must be securely accessible on-premises and remote, and in SaaS, IaaS, and internet environments. And most of all, we’ve made it easy to make progress toward your zero trust vision.

Still Have Questions?


We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and their answers to help you fully understand our product, and more importantly our approach, to securing access to all of your valuable corporate assets and services.


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Your Technology Investments Can Do More


With our extensible pre-built integrations and framework, we can easily connect with your existing cloud, IAM, MDM, EDR, and UEBA tools. Explore how Banyan Security can help you leverage your existing investments to gain a zero trust security posture today.

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