Great Admin and End User Experiences


Real-time visibility for every access from user and device to applications

Dashboards give the admin a full view of which users are connecting (or attempting to connect), from what devices, and to which resources. Sankey charts make it even easier to see which platforms and resources are the most popular.

Export user and system logs to your favorite syslog server or SIEM directly, or use APIs to send specific information to any external system.

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Get visibility into what resources are available on-premises and in the cloud. Once you know what’s available for your end-users, publish policies that make them available to authorized users.

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Dead Simple Setup

Passwordless, one-click access to applications and infrastructure

Passwordless Authentication is:

a step-up in both security and end user experience.
achieved with user and device-specific certificates that are either pushed out to the device during Zero Touch deployments or downloaded during enrollment.
available for initial web application or Banyan app authentication, as well authentication into infrastructure such as SSH connections.

Simple, human-readable policies provide differentiated Zero-Trust Access for employees and third parties (contractors, vendors, partners, etc.)

Create a single authentication and authorization policy regardless of where the user is coming from and where the resource lives.

This also enables you to add more authentication types and device posture assessment to SaaS applications that don’t support them.

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Create policies that permit unregistered devices based on source IP addresses and subnets. This is useful for third parties that can’t or won’t install the Banyan app.

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