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Banyan’s Approach

Banyan’s modern solution was built with ease of deployment and use in mind. It was developed from the ground up based on modern methods and technology rather than just old code, virtualized to run in the cloud. This results in exceptional performance.

Our device-centric approach is also vastly superior to competitor’s legacy models. Modern devices have the processing power to enable local funtionality that improves the end user experience, minimizes the need to send traffic for inspection, and truly allows for a secure mobile workforce.

Advantages of a device-centric approach:

Banyan’s approach, which does not require traffic to be routed to our cloud for inspection results in more uptime and stability. Many customers have come to us after putting up with unplanned outages resulting in lost revenue, increased helpdesk calls, and unhappy executives and employees:

• Granular Control • Improved Compliance • Protection against Advanced Threats
• Cost-Effective • Enhanced Visibility • Improved User Experience


The Banyan Difference

The Banyan Security Platform is trusted by organizations of all sizes and in all verticals, around the world because of these uniquely valuable differences:

Device-Centric Approach

Modern enterprises need a security approach that can safeguard their mobile workforce while giving them access to mission critical applications and resources. Banyan Security’s zero trust device centric solution was developed from the ground up to allow employees, contractors and third parties to safely work from anywhere. Built on modern methods and technology, rather than just old code virtualized to run in the cloud, it provides exceptional end user ease of use and performance coupled with a straightforward, uncomplicated deployment.

Unlike legacy solutions, Banyan Security leverages the processing power of modern devices, enabling local functionality that improves the end user experience and minimizes the need to send all traffic to the cloud for inspection. The result is exceptional performance that users demand.

Advanced Security

  • Device trust is enforced in real-time using continuous authorization against granular Trust-Based Access Control (TBAC) policies.
  • Only Banyan Seccurity offers zero trust access that spans hybrid, multi-cloud, and SaaS-based environments
  • Always-on threat and malware security that doesn’t require logging in to an agent.

Flexible Architecture

  • The Flexible Edge – Banyan’s mesh architecture extends security controls to disbributed assets, spanning all environments and protocols. The cloud-native approach leverages the public internet without requiring network tunnels or MitM clouds resulting in a highly performant, yet scalable solution that doesn’t risk privacy or data sovereignty. Only Banyan flexibly supports cloud IaaS (Global Edge) while also offering the option for enterprises to self-host their edge (Private Edge).

Easy to Deploy and Use

  • Get deployed in 15 minutes or less.
  • One-click access to infrastructure and applications – Banyan integrates with customer IaaS and PaaS environments providing one-click access to applications and resources including SSH/RDP serves, VNC, Kubernetes, and databases – even SaaS applications are protected. Least provilege access allows diferentiated access for FTEs and third parties alike that is a snap to deply administer, and audit.
  • Service Tunnel offers a super-easy transitioin from legacy VPNs toward zero trust. It delivers high-performance, tunnel-based access to networks, and is built o a modern WireGuard foundation with continuous authorization and device trust enhancements.



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