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Banyan Security Enables Zero Trust Access on Oracle Cloud

Banyan’s Approach

A Security Service Edge (SSE) solution, the Banyan Security Platform securely connects users to applications, resources, and infrastructure while protecting them from internet threats. Risk and security are continuously evaluated, incorporating telemetry from existing security tools. In short, Banyan enables “Work From Anywhere” for the modern enterprise where users, regardless of location, can safely and securely access corporate and internet resources.

Legacy VPNs and firewalls reveal significant performance, manageability, and security limitations when trying to provide simple, safe, and secure access to the applications and resources users need across hybrid, multi-cloud, and SaaS environments. And, users are left open to attack accessing internet-based information and applications. To address these realities, a scalable and comprehensive approach to safe, secure access is required. Banyan provides device-centric access to the applications, resources, and information your workforce needs.

  • Secure Web Gateway (SWG) (Internet threat protection) – Guards against phishing, straying onto malicious web sites, and ransomware exposure. Organizations may also block specific categories of web sites, like gambling and pornography
  • Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) (SaaS application access security) – Layered security provides easily managed controls to enforce who, using what specific devices, can access your SaaS applications.
  • Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) (Application and infrastructure access) – Simple, least privilege access to applications and services across hybrid- and multi-cloud infrastructure, leveraging your existing enterprise identity and security tool investments.
  • Virtual Private Network as a Service (VPNaaS) (Network access) – Modern, high-performance tunnel-based access to networks, incorporating zero trust enhancements like continuous authorization and device trust.

Why Banyan and OCI?

Banyan Security’s Secure Service Edge (SSE) solution is exceptionally well-suited for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) environments, especially since its robust capabilities align so well with OCI’s core principles. Banyan’s solution offers advanced security and access control features that seamlessly integrate with OCI’s infrastructure. With its award winning Zero Trust security model, Banyan ensures that every access request is authenticated and
authorized, regardless of the user’s location or device, which aligns perfectly with OCI’s emphasis on security. Working together these solutions enable organizations to effectively secure their OCI resources from exfiltration and data leaks while providing an exceptional user experience.

Furthermore, Banyan Security’s SSE solution enhances OCI environments with its comprehensive visibility and analytics tools. OCI users can gain real-time insights into user behavior and network traffic, helping them proactively identify and mitigate security threats. With its easy-to-deploy architecture, Banyan SSE simplifies the implementation of Zero Trust security within OCI, ensuring that sensitive data and resources are safeguarded
effectively. Overall, Banyan Security’s SSE solution is a valuable addition to OCI environments, providing the security and control required to operate confidently in the cloud.

The Banyan Difference

  • Device-centric Approach – Banyan’s unique device-centric approach eliminates bottlenecks, delivers noticeably superior performance, preserves privacy, and provides proactive defense against users being phished, contracting ransomware, or straying onto malicious web sites.
  • Flexible Architecture – Deploy anywhere without needing to ‘rip-and-replace’ current edge, security, or access devices. Phased deployment is simple yet instantly provides improved security. We integrate with existing investments, enabling consistent, continuously authorized and secure access to your resources and data.
  • Easy to Deploy & Use – Banyan integrates with IaaS and PaaS environments providing one-click access to applications and resources including SSH/RDP servers, Kubernetes, and databases – even SaaS applications are protected. Least privilege access allows differentiated access for FTEs and third parties alike that is a snap to deploy, administer, and audit.

Zero Trust Use Cases

Modernize VPN & Firewall

Rather than rely on coarse tools like firewalls and legacy VPNs to protect company resources, enable least-privilege access to specific applications and servers based on the combined real-time contextual factors of user and device trust and resource sensitivity. Deploy incrementally – alongside existing infrastructure, if desired.

Support Third-Party Access / BYOD / M&A

Provide third-parties easy, secure access to only the specific resources they need, optionally incorporating device trust (below). Enable BYOD without needing Mobile Device Management (MDM) or Unified Endpoint Management (UEM). Corporate assets are continually protected while delivering an enhanced user experience that doesn’t require control of users’ preferred devices.

Device Trust & Internet Threat Protection

Device trust augments user trust, uniquely identifying devices and assessing their security posture. Granular policies enforce user and device identity, device posture, and resource sensitivity, reducing the risk of credential loss and theft. Protect workers from being phished.

Banyan and Your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure – Better Together

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