IT teams today need to ensure secure remote access for people working with corporate assets and applications, no matter what devices they use, where they access them from or where those applications run whether on-premises or in the cloud.

That’s why IT teams have invested in SSO, EDR, and MDM solutions, but these different tools need to be refined into a single Zero Trust Security Platform.

Enter Banyan Security.

Designed with Google’s BeyondCorp architectural principles in mind, Banyan Security has created a reliable, simple, and scalable Zero Trust Remote Access solution that transparently deploys and continuously enforces access policies based on any combination of user, device and application.

The Banyan solution features 3 components:

1. Trust Scoring – which integrates with enterprise security tools to calculate and assign a Quantifiable Trust value

2. A Command Center – ensures continuous authorization, providing IT teams with a comprehensive view to write human-readable security policies.

3. Intelligent Access Mesh – which cloaks applications and provides fine-grained access control and real-time Enforcement of access policies.

Achieve Zero Trust Remote Access for any user… any device… to any application or service for a perimeter-free enterprise.

Visit Banyan Security now learn how to modernize secure remote access.