Banyan Security ZTNA Elevator Pitch

Brief overview of Banyan Security’s zero trust remote access solution.

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John Dasher

I’m John Dasher with Banyan Security. As workers emerge from their mandated work from home cocoons, successful organizations will embrace true work from anywhere. Where anywhere includes the home, corporate offices, coffee shops, and eventually even airports and hotels. Banyan Security delivers secure access solutions, enabling employees, developers, and third parties to work from anywhere, without relying on network-centric technologies like VPNs. Our Zero Trust Remote Access platform is ideal for cloud-forward organizations, leveraging user and device trust scoring, along with continuous authorization and least-privileged access to ensure the highest level of protection while enabling seamless and productive access to hybrid and multi-cloud apps, hosts and servers. Inspired by the original principles of Google’s BeyondCorp, Banyan embraces heterogeneous infrastructures and cloud providers without requiring agents or browser extensions. The benefits of Zero Trust are realized quickly and easily as Banyan’s solution can be incrementally deployed, targeting specific applications, APIs, resources, or teams. To learn more visit us at, or on Twitter @BanyanSecurity.

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