Get IT Started Podcast

Get IT Started. Get IT Done. Episode #1

Welcome to the Banyan Security Podcast, covering the security industry and beyond. In this first episode of the podcast, Get it Started, Get it Done, Banyan’s Chief Security Officer Den Jones speaks with Banyan co-founder Tarun Desikan about the history of Banyan Security, the realities of zero trust, the particular niche of challenges Banyan is solving, and how those solutions nest within the larger trends of the security industry, the rising culture of remote work, and beyond.

It’s a great discussion. Den and Tarun go far beyond the technical side of security solutions and technology and delve into what it’s like to be a co-founder, what it’s like to lead a small company competing with industry giants, cocktail recipes, and even igloo repair. It’s a fun discussion, you get to know both Tarun and Den a little bit, so, we hope you enjoy it.

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