Getting Started with Zero Trust


Getting Started with Zero Trust Security Zero Trust is all the buzz today, but it is often hard to cut through the noise to figure out what it actually means or how to operationalize a zero trust security model in your organization. It’s critical to start by understanding how zero trust security can deliver a better and more secure remote access experience for your workforce. Then, you can design a zero trust architecture that extends your existing single sign-on, device management, endpoint security, network access, and other enterprise security tools. With a clear architecture and end user experience in mind, you can identify gaps in your tooling and evaluate commercial and open-source solutions that can help you implement your zero trust initiative.

In this discussion, targeted at IT & Security teams tasked with researching or implementing zero trust security for their organization, we will cover:

  • The basic principles of zero trust security
  • How to pick a starting point for your zero trust initiative
  • Real-word examples of zero trust deployments
  • Live demo that compares and contrasts an end-user VPN-centric workflow to a zero trust workflow


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