Identity Jedi Podcast – Corporate Security, Zero Trust, and Identity Control

From the Identity Jedi Podcast – “Corporate Security, Zero Trust, and Identity Control” with Den Jones. YouTube | Spotify

Join us for yet another insightful episode of Identity Jedi where we dig into the recently occurred Okta security breach. Our special guest, Den, the Chief Security Officer at Banyan Security, brings in his rich wealth of experience from his past stints at Cisco and Adobe to shed light on the situation. Together we unravel the intricacies of identity and security – now intertwined more closely than ever.

This episode underscores the vital importance of identity security in current IT ecosystems, highlighting Okta’s pivotal role as a critical vendor. We laud the transparency of Beyond Trust, commending their significant contribution to bolstering security consciousness across the industry by sharing their experience and response to the breach.

Den shares his insights into the shifting paradigm of identity security – from a service in IT stack to a frontline fortification. We explore the vulnerabilities of traditional access protocols, underscoring the need for more rigid controls, highlighted by Den’s team’s tighter regulations on account creation.

We delve into significant security concepts like Zero Trust and its potential advantages. However, the conversation doesn’t stop at the benefits; we also critique the industry’s indecisiveness and lack of clarity defining ‘Zero Trust.’

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