Implementing Transparent Security – Den Jones on All Aboard Podcast

From the ConductorOne “All Aboard” Podcast – Implementing Transparent Security with Den Jones

In this episode of the All Aboard Podcast, our host Alex Bovee is thrilled to be joined by Den Jones. Den is the Chief Security Officer at Banyan Security, a Secure Service Edge (SSE) Solution that provides a new way to secure access to websites, SaaS applications, private applications, and infrastructure while protecting organizations from internet threats.

Den has seen it all, working for some of the biggest names in tech. From managing IT Security at Adobe, to leading Enterprise Security at Cisco, and now as the CSO at a fast growing startup. Den delves into the challenges of creating a security strategy based in a zero trust framework, what ‘transparent security’ actually means, plus the role security leaders should play in building company culture.

What’s inside:

  • Why zero trust is only one piece of the security puzzle
  • The tie between employee happiness and company success
  • Why prioritizing a more secure VPN was the way to go
  • How to sell products internally
  • The faults of a ‘security first’ mindset
  • Building effective relationships between sellers and buyers

Listen to the podcast on the ConductorOne website: Implementing Transparent Security 

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