Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) is NOT Enough

A secure defense is embodied by an in-depth multi-trust process. Learn how Banyan Security’s Zero Trust Network Access works with your existing MFA strategy to help make you more secure.

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Ashur Kanoon

Your MFA provider isn’t enough. Usernames and passwords alone are easily guessed. User identity isn’t enough anymore since hackers are phishing MFA using domains that look legit. So what works? Simply stated, factoring user and device identity into the equation could prevent MFA phishing attacks. This is a secure defense-in-depth multi-trust process. For secure access, a combination of credentials, certificates, device identity, and device posture are used. Only devices trusted by Banyan and the identity provider which present all the information are allowed. Banyan Security Service Edge, or SSE, enables DNS threat detection, which provides acceptable use policy, malicious domain protection, and blocks newly registered domains which are often set up within hours or days of the attack. To learn more, visit

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