Securing the Remote Work Force

Jayanth Gummaraju, CEO & Co-Founder of Banyan Security who has over a dozen years of experience inventing, leading and bringing disruptive technologies to market joins Enterprise Radio to discuss the solutions to securing the remote work force.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Jayanth Gummaraju discuss the following:

  1. What problem is Banyan Security solving?
  2. Why is this a problem for businesses and for workers?
  3. What are you providing that helps solve the problem?
  4. What are the benefits?
  5. Where can listeners learn more about Banyan Security?

Each day, millions of remote workers log in from destinations across the globe. As employees can sign in from different devices and locations, this presents a major challenge for businesses trying to ensure secure remote access.

Traditional virtual private network (VPN) approaches pose major security risks, resulting in the emergence of Zero Trust security models. Gartner predicts by 2023, 60 percent of businesses will drop VPNs in favor of Zero Trust remote access.

Banyan Security has taken Zero Trust to the next level with the industry’s first and most reliable, simple and scalable Zero Trust Remote Access solution.

The company has recently raised $17M in funding and its customers include Adobe and BlueVoyant, among others.

Banyan offers unprecedented remote security with features including:

  • Trust Score Engine – Integrates with enterprise security tools to calculate and assign a quantifiable trust value.
  • Cloud Command Center – Ensures continuous authorization providing IT teams with a comprehensive view to write human-readable security policies.
  • Distributed Access Tier – Cloaks applications and provides fine-grained access control and real-time enforcement of access policies.

“Secure remote access is fundamentally broken for today’s mobile workforce and cloud environments,” said Jayanth Gummaraju, Co-Founder and CEO of Banyan Security. “At Banyan, we’ve completely re-imagined remote access by building a comprehensive zero trust remote access platform from the ground up to address these hard problems.”

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