Tarun Desikan Chats about Zero Trust and Democratizing Security

Zero trust remains a hot topic for 2022. It has been around for the last decade, but it has gained momentum in response to the shift to remote work resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the spike in ransomware attacks. President Biden and CISA have cited zero trust as one of they keys for improving security in the public sector and for critical infrastructure.

Back in December, I had Den Jones–who had just joined Banyan Security as Chief Security Officer–on the podcast. This episode, Tarun Desikan, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Banyan Security, joins me to dive into zero trust once again. We cover a lot of ground in a short period of time–moving from the value of zero trust and trying to define what it is, to discussing issues with the way some larger vendors bundle and sell products.

Tarun also stresses the need to democratize security and make full versions of products available to trial for free. Vendors often offer a free version with limited functionality if they offer one at all. Many don’t provide a free version at all and just push for prospects to engage with a proof-of-concept pilot. Tarun feels strongly that companies should have confidence in their own products and trust in their prospective customers, and give them what they need to try it out and decide for themselves.

Check out the full episode for more about the evolution and challenges of zero trust, and the difference between organizations that are interested in truly being secure, as opposed to those who just want to check a box to say they’ve implemented the hot tool du jour.

This podcast was originally posted on the Techspective website.

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