Banyan Security Test Drive

Get behind the wheel of the Banyan Security Zero Trust Remote Access solution

Banyan Security Test Drive

The Banyan Test Drive lets you take Zero Trust for a spin! See how easy it is to solve critical remote access use cases. We’ve created a fictitious company called MedSoft, and you’ll be an honorary member of the MedSoft team, accessing resources, seeing the admin console and key reports, and seeing firsthand how trust-based policies are set up and enforced. Sign up and take a Test Drive now!

Banyan Test Drive Laptop

Banyan provides visibility into who is accessing what on which devices, while Trust-Based Access Controls govern access based on user and device trust, along with the end-user visible Banyan TrustScore.

What You’ll Do

Sign up for a Test Drive, and experience how you’ll:

  1. Get visibility across your endpoints and services. After deploying Banyan in learning mode, customers understand which users/devices and services should be secured with Trust-Based Access Control policies.
  2. Start enforcing policies across sensitive services (infrastructure, hosted, SaaS). End users are able to self-remediate any security gaps on their endpoints. Customers can provide security enablement programs for groups with lower trust scores.
  3. Increase end-user productivity with one-click access to services; simple for end users and secure for IT. If device trust score drops due to user actions (for example, downloaded malware), Banyan employs continuous authorization and immediate revocation, reducing the chances of a breach.
Banyan Test Drive Laptop

What You’ll Learn

  • Which are the most popular use cases that Banyan customers have deployed.
  • How device trust and the Banyan TrustScore feed trust-based policy to grant access and support instant revocation of access when appropriate.
  • How users can see and self-remediate their TrustScore.
  • Visualize who is accessing what resources with which devices and their device posture.

Take the keys and
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