Test Drive

Get behind the wheel of Banyan's Security Service Edge (SSE) solution

Banyan Security Test Drive

Test Drive lets you take zero trust for a spin with nothing more than a desktop web browser and a few minutes of time! See how easy it is to manage and use the Banyan Security Platform. We’ll take you on a tour of the cloud-based administrative console and the end user experience. You’ll get a feel for the admin dashboard and key reports, and see firsthand how trust-based policies are set up and enforced. Take a Test Drive now!

Banyan Test Drive Laptop

Banyan provides visibility into who is accessing what on which devices, while Trust-Based Access Controls govern access based on user and device trust, along with the end-user visible Banyan Trust Level.

Admin Experience

Take a Test Drive, and experience how you’ll:

  • Automatically discover services that can then be published.
  • Publish a service and protect it with a policy, providing end users one-click access to the service.
  • Get visibility across your endpoints and services, seeing who is accessing what resources with which devices and their device posture.
Banyan Test Drive Laptop

End User Experience

Take a Test Drive, and experience how end users:

  • Browse the Service Catalog to see which services they have permissions to access.
  • See their device trust score, and the specific factors that influence it.
  • Use one-click access to open a service.
Banyan Test Drive image

Take the keys and
go for a Test Drive today!