Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) was introduced in the 1990s and is the traditional site-to-site Virtual Private network (VPN) method. It was also initially used for remote access VPN but proved difficult to deploy since key distribution was needed, and managing the access-control lists (ACLs) was a pain. IPsec is deployed point to point or hub […]

Each year, parents assemble a backpack chock full of all the stuff kids need to return to school and be successful. Required books, pens, pencils, pencil box, ruled notebooks, lunchbox (with lunch! ;-)), extra jacket/hoodie, hat, etc. Obviously the content varies depending on their age, but the process is pretty consistent. Now, as I think […]

Enhanced desktop functionality delivers even quicker infrastructure access Organizations leverage Banyan’s desktop app as a critical piece of their Zero Trust implementation. From Device Trust to one-click service access, the Banyan app helps tie the security benefits Zero Trust to an access experience that cements employee buy-in. Over the last 6 months, we’ve introduced support […]