Continuous Zero Trust is the natural approach to delivering BeyondCorp architecture that addresses hybrid and multi-cloud application access challenges. Be it developers accessing web-based development environments or contractors accessing enterprise web applications, traditional network-based access controls and authorization mechaninisms are just not enough and are painfully complicated and slow. This emerging challenge for a dynamic workforce and distributed application development and deployment ecosystem requires a new approach.

With a focus on solving this challenge Banyan has partnered with Unusual Ventures and Tsingyuan Ventures, two firms focused on technology innovations with a global impact, to help bring their Continuous Zero Trust Platform to the masses. Read blogs from Unusual Ventures and Tsingyuan Ventures on their perspective.

Banyan is focused on enabling today’s cloud first access environments with a security paradigm based on Zero Trust principles where you cannot ‘assume’ trust and have to deliver continuous authorization. By ensuring a security posture stays within defined access policy parameters, Banyan offers both user access and service-to-service access enforcement.

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Jayanth Gummaraju