July 2023 welcomed several updates to our Banyan suite of Security Service Edge solutions. Below, you’ll find detailed release notes and we welcome you to subscribe to our updates to stay informed of what’s new and what’s coming. Find our July 2023 release notes below:

Generally Available Features

  • Netagent Health Check:
    • New health check endpoint that provides a real time indicator for the status for the Netagent and preliminary stats that can be used to evaluate performance.

Enhancements & Updates

  • Session Expiration Timer
    • Renew your session early to avoid losing work due to expiration.
  • Added Trust Factor information in Log Events
    • View passed and failed trust factors in each Trust scoring log event

Component Versions

Client Components Server Components Management Components
Desktop App* v3.11.0 (Changelog) Netagent* v2.7.2 (Changelog) Shield v1.55.2 (Changelog)
Mobile App* v2.2.1 (Changelog) Connector v1.14.2 (Changelog)

Updated in the latest release

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