Microsoft and Banyan Security represented by a tree made of circuits

Banyan Security continues to add valuable integrations into Microsoft’s suite of products including Azure, Entra ID, Microsoft 365 (formerly 0ffice 365) and much more. As a Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) partner, Banyan has been invited to the Microsoft booth at Black Hat USA in August 2023 and will be showcasing how Microsoft and Banyan Security work together: our device-centric SSE integrates across Microsoft offerings to make secure Zero Trust access easier to deploy and easier to use.

Relying on security centered around network access means all it takes is one compromised user account, infected device, or open port for an attacker to access and laterally move anywhere inside your network, exposing your most critical assets. Banyan and Microsoft are aligned around the benefits of a device-centric architecture that leverages identity and application-aware proxies rather than antiquated, network-centric access.


Our modern, multi-cloud approach means users can quickly and easily connect to applications, no matter where the user is: in-office or remote and agnostic of where the application is hosted, from a local on-premises data center to any public cloud. Banyan’s solution can deploy on one or more CSPs and hyper visors at the same time. Also, with Microsoft and Banyan Security, you don’t need to make any changes to those applications or resources to add another layer of security controls such as multifactor authentication (MFA), device compliance check, identity protection, identity governance, and single sign-on to any TCP/UDP-based application, including SSH, RDP, SAP, and SMB file shares and other private resources.


Moreover, in a heterogeneous environment, Banyan’s device-centric SSE integrates Microsoft’s solutions, providing homogenous policy administration and broad visibility across all SSE components. Organizations using Azure can also deploy Banyan’s solution across other CSPs for disaster recovery (DR) purposes.


Microsoft and Banyan Security Integration Highlights

Microsoft and Banyan Security offer open systems that enable you to integrate with products you’re currently invested in, which are the tools your teams and end users are comfortable using. This flexibility also enables IT teams to migrate at their own pace.


Microsoft Products that Banyan integrates with:



Authentication and authorization based on user and group, along with device and tenant information.  Azure Active Directory (now Entra ID) is Microsoft’s cloud-based identity and access management service. It enables organizations to securely manage and authenticate users, devices, and applications, facilitating single sign-on (SSO) and centralizing identity management across cloud and on-premises environments.



Ensure that your end device is secure and meeting corporate compliance before allowing or stepping up/down access. Microsoft Defender is a comprehensive endpoint security solution that helps protect Windows devices from viruses, malware, and other cyber threats. It combines antivirus, antimalware, and advanced threat protection features to provide real-time defense and proactive security measures for both individual users and businesses.



Easily deploy agents and enforce device compliance.

Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based service that helps organizations manage and secure their devices and applications. It allows businesses to control access to corporate resources, enforce security policies, and manage updates across a range of devices, including PCs, smartphones, and tablets.



Access internal applications and servers based on IP, FQDN, port and protocol.



Enable extensive authentication and authorization checks prior to and during access to cloud applications.



Simplified Migrations and Deployments

Microsoft and Banyan Security make migrating from on-premises software (like Active Directory and traditional servers) to cloud-based solutions such as Azure AD and Office 365 simpler. Our SSE solution offers numerous benefits for companies seeking increased agility, scalability, and security. As part of the migration process, an experienced team of IT professionals can assist businesses in assessing their existing infrastructure, identifying potential challenges, and devising a comprehensive migration plan. By seamlessly transitioning user identities and data to the cloud, companies can centralize identity management, simplify access controls, and enable seamless collaboration through SaaS applications. This migration empowers employees to work from anywhere, enhances productivity, reduces maintenance overhead, and ensures data gets securely stored and remains accessible in compliance with industry standards. With the help of skilled experts, companies can navigate the complexities of migration and harness the full potential of cloud-based services, driving digital transformation and positioning themselves for future growth and success.


Banyan’s offers several deployment options: these enable organizations to run Banyan in parallel with the software and clients from which they are trying to migrate. Deployment options help IT teams ensure successful rollouts from an end user perspective while increasing security and protecting the organization. Banyan’s open systems allow Microsoft shops to plug in and protect existing Microsoft products that are already in use. Banyan’s multi-cloud support allows for organizations to move from other CSPs to Azure (or support applications across more than one CSP). Banyan continuously hears feedback from our customers that we have made the entire experience better, which leads to a more productive modern workforce.


Banyan’s Leading Device-Centric ZTNA

Banyan’s device-centric ZTNA solution offers the following:

  • ZTNA-architected solution: Banyan SSE isn’t old technology that’s been repurposed.
  • Security built for the cloud-era.
  • Flexible: easier to deploy anywhere, quickly.
  • Simple, precise UI and UX. Customers helped us design the most efficient solution.
  • Cross-platform support: not restricted to mobile or desktop, or just Windows or MacOS.
  • Open system. No vendor lock-in that connects to your current investments.


Come talk to us at the Microsoft Booth (Booth #1740) at Black Hat USA on Thursday, August 10 from 10:00 – 11:30 or schedule a custom demo today.


Microsoft and Banyan Security represented by circuits

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