November 2023 has been a busy month for the Banyan Security product and development teams, and we’re excited to share some highlights from our recent product updates. We’ve boiled down key pieces of information from our October and November release notes. We also welcome you to subscribe to our updates so you can stay informed of what’s new and what’s ahead on the Banyan Security roadmap.

Highlights from our October and November releases can be found below (you can also find past release notes here):

Generally Available Features

Some exciting GA features have been released over the past few months. Here are some of the highlights from our October and November GA feature releases:

  • Zero Touch Install for Chrome Browser extension
  • Private Resource discovery

Early Preview Features

Get a sneak peek of our early preview features! Take a look at what’s coming for the Banyan Security product, and be among the first to experience the new enhancements:

  • Security Actions for Public Apps
      • Discovered public apps now offer guidance on Security Actions admins can take; Security Actions are specific to the app.
      • Security Actions include guidance on configuring ITP policies, DLP policies, Banyan IDP federation, and routing via Service Tunnel.

November 2023 Release Notes - Resources

November 2023 Release Notes - AI Assisted Search

Enhancements & Updates for November 2023

Valuable tools and features have been included in the November 2023 release. These feature enhancements should help you optimize your time and improve your workflows:

  • Terraform Import Tool
      • A command-line utility that allows admins to import existing resources from the Banyan API and generate Terraform configuration files for managing those resources.
      • This tool simplifies the process of managing Banyan Security resources through Terraform, making it easier for admins to automate infrastructure setup.

Test Drive the New Features with Team Edition

Are you ready to explore the latest features available in our November 2023 release? Try out the device-centric and SSE capabilities of the Banyan Security solution with our Team Edition — it’s absolutely free! 

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