Welcome to our release highlights blog, where we delve into the exciting world of Banyan Security and uncover the release highlights for the month of June. In this fast-paced digital era, ensuring the utmost security has become paramount. Banyan Security has been at the forefront of providing innovative solutions that safeguard organizations against ever-evolving threats, including security for AI tools. From cutting-edge technologies to insightful developments, this blog will be your guide to the new features in Banyan Security over the past few weeks.

New Features in June


New features June Banyan Security

More Connection Options

Mobile Tunnel:

Banyan’s mobile app now allows end users to connect to Service Tunnels in addition to hosted websites.

Learn more on connecting to service tunnels here.





Enhancing Device Trust Factor Options

  • New Trust Factor: Enhanced OS Version
    • OS Versions can now be configured by the “Last x version(s)”. This frees admins from having to update the Trust Factor configuration with every new OS version release. Previously, admins had to configure and continually update specific OS version numbers.
  • New Trust Factor: CrowdStrike Registered With
    • The Registered With factor validates that the device at hand is registered with the CrowdStrike environment. Registered With is derived from a CrowdStrike API endpoint.

Learn more on trust factors here.


New Features – Customized Branding

  • Branding Customization
    • Admins can now use customized branding for any Banyan browser error and success pages with their organization’s own logo and brand colors.

Get the complete details on the May and June 2023 releases here or schedule a custom demo today.

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