SAML Identity Providers

Google Cloud Identity is an identity management platform that provides IAM services for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and other applications. It offers features like user provisioning, SSO, multi-factor authentication, and device management. Google Cloud Identity helps businesses centralize user management and access control across their cloud and on-premises environments.

Auth0 is an identity platform that provides authentication and authorization solutions for applications, APIs, and devices. It offers features like SSO, social login, multi-factor authentication, and identity management. Auth0 helps developers simplify identity management and add secure authentication to their applications.

Ping Identity provides IAM solutions that enable secure access to applications, APIs, and resources. Their platform offers capabilities like single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, and API security. Ping Identity helps organizations manage user identities, ensure regulatory compliance, and enhance user experiences.

Okta is an identity and access management (IAM) platform that offers secure single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication, and user lifecycle management. It enables organizations to manage user identities, control access to applications and resources, and enhance security. Okta’s cloud-based IAM solution helps businesses improve productivity, ensure compliance, and protect their sensitive data. Learn More