Syslog and SIEM

AlienVault USM is a unified security management platform that combines SIEM, intrusion detection, and asset discovery capabilities. It provides organizations with centralized visibility into their security posture, helping them detect and respond to threats effectively. AlienVault USM offers threat intelligence, incident response, and compliance management features.

Micro Focus ArcSight is a leading SIEM platform that helps organizations detect, analyze, and respond to security threats. It provides real-time event correlation, log management, and security analytics capabilities. ArcSight enables businesses to gain insights from security data, identify potential risks, and automate threat response.

SolarWinds Security Event Manager is a comprehensive security information and event management (SIEM) solution. It provides real-time monitoring, analysis, and response to security events and incidents. SolarWinds Security Event Manager helps organizations detect threats, streamline compliance reporting, and enhance their overall security posture.

Exabeam is a security information and event management (SIEM) platform that provides advanced analytics, automation, and orchestration capabilities. It helps organizations detect and respond to cyber threats, automate incident investigation workflows, and improve security operations efficiency. Exabeam’s platform leverages behavioral modeling, machine learning, and threat intelligence to detect and prioritize threats accurately.

Graylog is an open-source log management and analytics platform that enables organizations to centralize and analyze log data from various sources. It offers powerful search and visualization capabilities, as well as alerting and reporting functionalities. Graylog helps businesses gain insights from their log data, troubleshoot issues, and detect security incidents. It is a flexible and […]

LogRhythm is a security intelligence and analytics platform that provides comprehensive threat detection, response, and compliance management capabilities. Their solution combines SIEM (Security Information and Event Management), log management, and user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) to detect and respond to advanced threats. LogRhythm helps organizations streamline their security operations, automate compliance processes, and enhance […]

IBM QRadar is a comprehensive security intelligence and analytics platform that helps organizations detect, investigate, and respond to cybersecurity threats. It provides real-time visibility into security events and network activity, leveraging advanced analytics and machine learning techniques to identify potential risks and anomalies. IBM QRadar offers threat detection, incident response, and compliance management capabilities to […]

Splunk is a leading data-to-everything platform that enables organizations to collect, analyze, and derive insights from their machine-generated data. Their software allows users to monitor, search, and visualize data across IT infrastructure, security systems, and business applications. Splunk helps businesses gain real-time operational intelligence, detect and respond to security threats, and optimize their overall business […]