Why Banyan Security

The industry’s leading Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution
Why Banyan Security

Banyan is the Smart Choice for ZTNA

A sound zero trust strategy improves security and boosts end user productivity. We use the principle of least privilege access to prevent lateral movement, continuous authorization with device trust, and granular trust-based controls to support true “work from anywhere” access to applications and resources – the very things legacy VPNs struggle with. Banyan also provides:

  • Easy incremental deployment – no “rip and replace” of existing VPN required
  • Integration with existing security, identity, and access investments
  • Simplified network infrastructure
  • Easy support for secure third party access (contractor, partner, M&A, etc.)
  • Great admin and end user experiences offering passwordless access
GigaOm Radar Report thumbnail

GigaOm Radar Report

The new GigaOm Radar Report for Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) contains vital information to help evaluate and select a ZTNA solution, with details on vendors and products that excel. In fact, GigaOm placed Banyan in the Leader tier of the Maturity/Feature Play quadrant, noting, “Banyan Security is a standout Feature Play because of its emphasis on simplicity for both administrators and users.”

Banyan Security is a standout Feature Play because of its emphasis on simplicity for both administrators and users.

Evaluation Checklist

The Zero Trust Network Access Evaluation Guide, provides an in-depth checklist to help you compare competing solutions. Seven key areas are covered, spanning architecture to installation to user experience.

Download Evaluation Checklist

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