Why Banyan Security

The industry’s leading Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution
Why Banyan Security

Why Customers Choose Banyan

Trust Based Access

Access Control

Trust scoring engine
Device Trust
Continuous authorization

One-Click Access

Infrastructure Access

Integrates with IaaS/PaaS
Snap to deploy

Enterprise Edge

Edge Deployment

Cloud-native approach
Global Edge
Self-hosted Private Edge

    Banyan Others The Low Down
User Experience Single-click access to infrastructure Yes Not many Access resources without having to launch an App and authenticate first
Passwordless access Yes Not many No need remember passwords for each resource
Deployment Options SaaS-based controller Yes Many, not all Some vendors still require you run the entire solution in your own network
Managed Data Plane Yes Few Connect your organization to our cloud and enable productivity in minutes
Private Data Plane Yes Not many Your data stays completely private
Leverages existing investments Yes Few Integrations into your existing security, identity, and access investments
Access Options Access on-prem resources Yes Most Banyan allows you to access than just webApps including infrastructure
Access via Tunnel Yes Most vendors want you to continue to run your VPN
Access SaaS resources Yes Few Many vendors focus just on on-prem access, while leaving blind spots in SaaS
Access Private cloud resources Yes Few Banyan provides connectors for all leading Cloud Providers
Security Device Posture Yes Many, not all Clientless-only vendors can’t inspect your devices for security vulnerabilities
Continuous and Advanced Trust Scoring Yes Few Breaches happen when you stop checking the device and updating authorization
  Team Edition (Free) Yes Banyan is the only ZTNA vendor to let you use our product for free, for ever.
  ZTNA-focused Yes Innovation takes focus and ZTNA is all we do!

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Demo Request

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