LLoda assistant

While vendors strive to create easy to use products and organizations provide user training, it is clear that issues arise and end users have questions which ultimately affect productivity.


Here’s a quick look at some interesting stats on IT and helpdesk calls:


  • The average company receives 25 IT support tickets per day.
    • Source: Zendesk State of the CX Report 2023
  • The average cost of an IT helpdesk call is $50.
    • Source: Gartner
  • The average employee spends 11 hours per year on IT support.
    • Source: Spiceworks State of IT 2023
  • The average IT helpdesk call takes 21 minutes to resolve.
    • Source: Desk.com


These statistics show that IT helpdesk calls can be a significant drain on resources for businesses of all sizes. By investing in preventive measures and training employees on how to troubleshoot common problems, businesses can reduce the number of helpdesk calls they receive and save money.


It is important to note that the cost of an IT helpdesk call can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the complexity of the issue, the time of day the call is made, and the location of the business. However, the statistics above provide a general idea of the cost and impact of IT helpdesk calls on businesses.


So, what happens when training just isn’t enough?


Introducing LLoda


LLoda (pronounced Yo-da) is Banyan Security’s Personal Security Assistant, built into the same security and services desktop application you know and trust. Enabling LLoda takes seconds for the administrator and can help users understand their device state, their authorization limitations, as well as request additional help if needed.


As seen below, LLoda is built into the home screen of the Banyan app.


LLoda personal assistant screen shot of assistant


Users can quickly learn about their access and authorization levels. Then, users can then reach out to IT offline as a last resort (or can submit a request to the IT ticketing system). Many of these ticketing systems can also be integrated to Slack or other messaging applications which results in very quick, asynchronous help and resolution.


LLoda personal assistant screen shot of query


Users can also learn more about the state of their device and can get immediate information on how to increase their trust level.


LLoda personal assistant screen shot of query


Once LLoda is enabled, it becomes aware of all policies and configurations including how the end user device is behaving, in real time. The administrator does not need to make any update or configuration changes regarding LLoda.

How is LLoda trained?

LLoda is trained on several data feeds, including:

  • Device data
    • Posture
    • Sanity checks on certificates, etc.
    • Other network tools that could be interfering
    • App upgrades/changes
    • EDR/MDM changes
    • Real-time diagnostics
  • Administration data
    • Recent policy changes
    • Updates to SSO groups, etc.
  • Docs
    • Banyan website
    • Banyan documentation (including FAQs)
    • Other Banyan user and community Questions and Answers
    • Internal company support and development wikis
  • External security feeds
    • New CVEs
    • New Threat feeds


Saving Money with a Personal Security Assistant

In conclusion, the statistics presented earlier underscore the significant drain that IT helpdesk calls can pose on businesses, regardless of their size. Investing in preventive measures and empowering employees with troubleshooting skills can undoubtedly reduce the volume of these costly calls, resulting in substantial cost savings. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that the cost and impact of helpdesk calls can vary due to several factors.

When training alone falls short, the introduction of LLoda, Banyan Security’s innovative Personal Security Assistant, offers a promising solution. By seamlessly integrating LLoda into the familiar Banyan app, businesses can not only enhance device security but also provide users with quick access to vital information and assistance, ensuring smoother operations and cost-effective IT support.

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