Improving Legacy Technology

With IPSec, SSL, TLS, VPN, SDP, and ZTNA tunnels, it may sometimes become confusing to figure when to use which. IPSec was mostly used for site-to-site VPN and we’re going to focus on remote access. Clearly, there are different types of tunnels and different ways these tunnels are being configured. With most organizations looking at […]

Corporate employees are often required to do work that involves using publicly-accessible resources (e.g., Salesforce or a staging website), which go beyond the bounds of private network control. In light of the need to connect their workforce to these public SaaS applications, many organizations recognize the need for better security, visibility, and flexibility than legacy […]

The evolution of the cybersecurity market has been to a great extent driven by the “arms race” between attackers and security professionals. Each iterative advance by one group has typically been met by a counter-response from the other that attempts to circumvent or neutralize the advances, and so on. Rinse and repeat. A similar cat-and-mouse […]

The more prospects I talk to, the more I hear about the dreaded SaaS downtime. Downtime isn’t just an inconvenience. Organizations count on SaaS vendors to ensure certain levels of uptime, so that the organizations themselves can continue to run their business. So, what is a responsible SaaS downtime? Using the 99.999% standard, you’re looking […]

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a proprietary protocol developed by Microsoft which provides a user with a graphical interface to connect to a Windows-based computer over a network connection. The user employs RDP client software for this purpose, while the other computer must run RDP server software. Browser-based access is also supported, eliminating the need […]

We can all be thankful for so much of what’s going on this Thanksgiving. Very important things like good health, family and friends, and so much more. We can also be thankful for some of the stuff that we need to use every day to do our jobs and just get by in this tech-connected […]

Zero Trust incorporates many security principles, and assessing device trust by using device identity and posture is one of them. So how is this done and what are some of the frameworks to keep in mind? While the concepts of device identity and device posture assessments have been around for many years, it really started […]

In this multi-part series, we’ll look at what organizations can do to better improve corporate security as part of October’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month. In this blog, our focus is on multi-factor authentication (MFA). Believe it or not, computers in the old days didn’t even require passwords to get in. The threat wasn’t obvious since computers […]

Let’s look at some of the leading vendors of well-known legacy VPN products and compare them to Banyan Security’s Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution featuring Service Tunnel. Limits of legacy VPN deployments Vendor Product Cisco ASA / AnyConnect Palo Alto Networks GlobalProtect Ivanti (Pulse Secure) Pulse Connect Secure Check Point Software Technologies Quantum VPN […]