SSE Overview Video Summary Companies face challenges in securing access to distributed digital assets in the modern workforce. Banyan introduces our device centric SSE solution, which includes VPN as a service, zero trust network access (ZTNA), secure web gateway (SWG), and cloud access security broker (CASB). These components work together to provide secure remote access […]

About Getting Started with Zero Trust Security Zero Trust is all the buzz today, but it is often hard to cut through the noise to figure out what it actually means or how to operationalize a zero trust security model in your organization. It’s critical to start by understanding how zero trust security can deliver […]

In this healthcare-focused webinar, Ashur Kanoon and Andrew McCarter discuss the challenges of securing healthcare and access control. They highlight the importance of addressing both security and ease of use for healthcare providers. They also discuss recent breaches in the healthcare industry, such as the 23andMe breach, and the limitations of two-factor authentication. Banyan Security’s […]

So you want to add device identity and device trust (compliance or posture) to your authentication and authorization policies but aren’t sure where to start? Learn how other vendors have made it too complicated and how Banyan can help you get exactly the behavior you want. Banyan’s Trust Profiles allow an admin to assign trust […]

You’ve got a ZTNA project, but now what? So many options and so many questions. Join us and learn how to plan and then execute a migration from VPN to Zero Trust Network Access. Your users will thank you and your job will be easier. All while providing your organization with higher levels of security. […]

Ashur Kanoon dives into why VPNs Suck and leave you and your network unsafe. Watch as he dives into 17 Reasons Why VPNs Suck and ZTNA offers a secure Access Solution for modern infrastructures that are on-prem, hybrid and multi cloud. Enjoy this fast and engaging talk.

This demo presents Banyan Security’s single-click access to applications and services via our Zero Trust Network Access framework. We will review how Banyan ZTNA works so you know the components that are involved and what’s really going on behind the scenes. Enjoy the presentation!

As more organizations migrate infrastructure to the cloud and rethink software development and deployment, they are also modernizing their approach to security. One such approach is Zero Trust – instead of relying on traditional network perimeter-based security tools such as VPNs and bastions that connect you directly to a network, access is granted based on […]

Engaging interview between 451 Research Principal Research Analyst Garrett Bekker III and Banyan Security CISO Den Jones exploring why some organizations fail to start their zero trust deployment despite their interest, getting executive sponsorship, the importance of the user experience, and the planned and unanticipated benefits of zero trust.